Ernest Hemingway’s book A Farewell to Arms, while slightly autobiographical, was not a story of his life.  Neither was it a book written about the horrors of the War.  Hemingway wrote what he knew about, World War I from the point of view of a wounded ambulance driver and the loss of a woman he loved.  His sparse prose and ability to accurately capture conversations catapulted him into a famous author.  Hemingway dedicated his life to writing “One true sentence” (Crisman, 1998).

Studying this book indepth has given me a greater appreciation, not only for my book, but also for Ernest Hemingway.  He was such an extraordinary person.  Although my copy is not in pristine condition, it is a beautiful copy; one with a story to tell outside of the actual story in the book.  Like the story Hemingway wrote, my copy of A Farewell to Arms will continue to live throughout history, a book to be passed down through the generations.


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