There are a few decorations in this book.  The first is on the cover and it is part of the printing.  There are three leaves between the title and the author’s name.


The second decoration is an autograph from the famous actor Warner Baxter.  He was an actor in the 1920s-1940s.  His first major film, In Old Arizona, earned him an Oscar as the Cisco Kid, in 1928.  Other movies that he was in include Penthouse (1933) and a series called Crime Doctor (1943).  After a lobotomy to relieve his arthritis pain, he died of pneumonia in 1951 (IMDb, 2014).

IMG_20140408_123854_950  baxter

Although this is my book, I don’t know the provenance.  Therefore I have no idea how Baxter came to sign this book.  There are several possibilities.  It could have been his book, or he could have signed it for a fan who only had the book on them when they met.

The third decoration has been erased, but you can still see where the pencil etched into the paper.  On one side it says, “Warner Baxter was a movie actor in the 1920s.”  On the other side is written, “10.00”



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