Collation Paper (Watermarks)

A Farewell to Arms is collated into 23 quires, meaning that the folios are arranged in groups of 10-16 pages (Brown, 1994).



The edges of the paper are deckle cut, meaning they are rough instead of smooth.  The term deckle comes from the process of making paper.  The deckle is the frame which is placed on top of a screen to drain the fiber.  Deckled edges come out of the process (Magee, 2010).  The deckled edges on this book may have another cause.  It could be that they were originally ‘uncut.’  An uncut book is one in which the pages are still connected together from the way they were folded and bound.  It was very exciting to own an ‘uncut’ book because it meant you were the first to own it.  In order to cut the pages, a sharp paper cutter was needed (Magee, 2010).  It is difficult to know if these pages are actually deckled or if they had been uncut at the time of publishing.  It is possible that they were indeed cut.  If you look at the images, the first book is A Farewell to Arms.  The page edges appear smooth despite their being uneven.  The second image is a book with actual deckled edges.  If you will, notice how the edges appear rough as well as uneven.

Although deckled and uncut pages appear almost the same, I believe that my book contains the latter.  Meaning that this book was ‘uncut’ at the time it was first bought.

.IMG_20140423_131338_416 deckle


There are no watermarks on the pages of the book, however, it is beginning to yellow with age.




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